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Why We’re Different

H&M Blacknitride+™, or Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, is the thermochemical that simultaneously diffuses nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferrous metals. During the process, a two-part surface layer is formed, an outer iron nitride layer with a nitrogen diffusion layer below it. Nitrogen and carbon are absorbed by and diffused into the surface of the metal. Reproducible and uniform layers with a predetermined thickness will be formed on all areas of the metal. This process results in markedly improved surface properties on ferrous metal parts while maintaining dimensional and shape stability. H&M Blacknitride+™ is commonly used as an alternative to high temperature conventional heat treatments such as carburizing and carbonitriding. 

H&M Blacknitride+™ Benefits

• Increased wear resistance

• Improved fatigue strength

• Better corrosion resistance

• Improved lubricity

• Enhanced cosmetic appeal

• Better corrosion protection at equivalent or lower costs than hard chrome nickel plating