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When repairs may cost lives

H&M has served the United States military since 1950. And we’re proud to do so.

H&M Blacknitride+™ keeps up when you’re pushed to your limits. That’s why it’s fast becoming the preferred method of protecting our military. It’s more durable and safer than chrome plating. Chrome breaks down over time and can even expose personnel to chrome poisoning. Nitride outperforms all other standards in improving metal part durability and reducing corrosion. Whether increasing a gun barrel’s velocity or protecting the Humvee, H&M Blacknitride+™ helps keep our soldiers safer.

Apply H&M Blacknitride+TM to:

• Rifles

• Gun barrels

• Fox shafts used in minesweeping equipment

• Door assists in onward vehicles • Door latches

• Helmet screws

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