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These Are Our Capabilities.

H&M's operation houses two Black Nitriding processing systems, each with a 42" diameter and 60" depth. These systems accommodate a wide range of processing applications and size requirements. With multiple facility locations, the risk of production interruption is minimized. H&M can accommodate loads from as light as an ounce up to 2,500 lbs. The oxidizing quench process provides lustrous black color and corrosion-resistant properties while removing all residual salts and reducing surface temperature. Samples and test parts are processed to ensure tight quality control standards.

Quench/Polished/Quench (QPQ)
The Quench/Polished/Quench (QPQ) process is an advanced Black Nitriding process. Enhancing corrosion resistance involves a secondary polishing operation, followed by re-oxidation to produce a lustrous black finish. Lustrous black finishes increase the consumer product applications, cosmetic appeal, making products appear modern and attractive.

Small to Large Components
H&M can process parts as small as a dental pick or as large as cylinder liners for locomotive engines. Our large dies can accommodate as much as 2 tons on a single crane.

Industry-Specific Components
The locomotive industry consistently relies on the stringent quality standards maintained by H&M in development of surface treatments for cylinder liners, connecting rods and piston crowns.

A wide range of industries rely on our quality processes to treat a variety of hydraulic and fluidation components. Some of these parts include cylinder rams, valve bodies and manifolds.

Performance Racing
We are proud to serve the Performance Racing Industry with metal finishing processes that provide high performance NASCAR components. With low-friction, wear-resistant properties, we offer leading innovations to accommodate to the rigorous demands of this industry.

Some of our high performance component applications include: valve and clutch assemblies, transmission housings, gas shocks, hydraulic and valve train components, cutting tools and engine valves.