Providing Leadership and Quality Services
to the Heat Treating Industry Since 1946.
This is our story.

H&M Metal Processing has been serving the needs of its heat treating customers since 1946. Located in Akron, Ohio, H&M has the capabilities to fill orders of any shape and size, accommodating loads from as light as an ounce to 2,500 lbs. Utilizing the process known as Black Nitriding, or Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, H&M can improve the operational capabilities of your components and help solve the problems of wear, lubricity and corrosion resistance. From performance racing to aerospace, firearm components to locomotive parts, H&M’s stringent quality testing process before, during and after treatment ensures the integrity of the product according to the requirements and specifications of its customers.

H&M Metal Processing Company, founded by Ernie Hedler and Art Marble, was originally known as a full service heat treating company, offering services of through hardening, flame hardening and black oxide coating. H&M opened their operations in a 2,100-square foot shop based just south of Cleveland, Ohio, in Cuyahoga Falls.

In 1950, North Korean forces crossed the border into South Korea and soon the United States joined the fighting under the banner of the United Nations. The Korean conflict brought considerable growth to H&M through the processing of tank tracks, breach blocks, brake discs and many other products used by the U.S. military and its allies.

Over the years, the company continued to grow and, in the 1980's, expanded its heat treating capabilities to include Ferritic Nitrocarburizing, a liquid black nitriding process. With the addition of this capability, H&M expanded its clientele reach and expanded into a second facility located in Fairfield, Ohio, near Cincinnati in 1988. With the opening of the Cincinnati facility, H&M had a leaping-point for business based in the southern part of the United States.

To better serve its clients requiring black nitriding, heat-treat and black oxide services, H&M relocated its Northern Ohio office to a larger facility in Akron, Ohio, in the spring of 2001. Further company growth lead to the opening of a new, state-of-the-art facility in the Kenmore area of Akron, in 2009, combining the Fairfield and Cuyahoga Falls facilities into one location. This facility is equipped with comprehensive metallurgical laboratories, providing all related research and development for all operations and is ISO certified. The consolidation of facilities into one location enables us to process up to 40,000 lbs of steel per day.

Under current management, H&M has continued to increase its customer base to include industry sectors such as aerospace, auto racing and medical. This customer growth adds to H&M’s ever-growing client list, providing services in the areas of automotive, appliance, stampings, railroad and firearms.